Saturday, May 29, 2010

January 2010: presentation of evidence

Its been a long time since my last post. I have recently been completely occupied by my investigation into the mechanics of what makes my futurology work possible. The most interesting lead I've come across is the "Feynman Radio" theory, which is based on the work of physicist Richard Feynman. According to this theory it is hypothetically possible for people in the future to send messages from the future into the past using advanced electromagnetic waves or advanced neutrinos which travel backward in time as opposed to the ordinary retarded electromagnetic waves or retarded neutrinos which travel forward in time. But, why it is that I seem to be a receiver for these advanced electromagnetic waves? I will post as soon as I find an answer to this question.

Until then, I will post these images of my research which was presented at Galerie Verticale in Jan/Feb of 2010.
No, this gallery is not an appropriate venue for the dissemination of my research, but until such time that the proper scientific institutions come around to recognizing the legitimacy of my work I will have to subvert said institutions by displaying my research in artist run centers and the internet: the two great refuges of the uncanny and the misunderstood.

These three large maps(shown above) are in fact space-time diagrams depicting various regions of New Brunswick. I will be posting more detailed images of these shortly.
Shown above is my first foray into stereo drawtogarphy, a superb method for futurological investigation.

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  1. Anonymous6/15/2010

    I think your work is heretical and salacious. You must be on to something...